Why Do Parents and Students Choose ECS?

Spiritual Focus

The goal of the Spiritual Life Department is to integrate God’s love, truth, and grace into every aspect of the school. ECS exists to provide sound academics, infused with a biblical view of God and the world. You can see that God’s Word is a high priority by looking at our daily Bible classes, weekly chapels, weekly memory verses, and discipleship groups.

Academic Excellence

Nationwide Average ACT Score

Kansas Average ACT Score

ECS Average ACT Score

Elyria Christian School strives for excellence in the classroom. This is accomplished through the use of the highest quality curriculum available that is consistent with God’s Word. ECS offers opportunities that include a college prep curriculum, as well as a learning center program for students with academic needs. Elyria Christian School’s strong academic program prepares students to do well in national testing for scholarships. ECS students have many opportunities to complete dual credit courses while in high school; the average student graduates with 15-18 hours of college credit.

Athletics and Fine Arts

At ECS, we understand that God has given students talents and gifts in many different areas; therefore, we offer a wide range of opportunities for our students to develop and pursue those gifts. On top of our high-quality academic courses, ECS offers many different programs in Athletics and Fine Arts.  Click below to discover the many options available.