Scholars’ Bowl

What is Scholars’ Bowl?

Scholars’ Bowl is an academic team competition in which subject matter of at least three of the five academic disciplines (required by the State Board of Education for high school graduation) are used for competition. The current academic disciplines include Language Arts, Social Studies, Mathematics, Science, and Physical Education/Health. Also included are current events, sports, and politics from the past year.

Each competitor holds a buzzer and the first to buzz in gets an opportunity to answer the question and earn points for his or her team.

In a typical meet, teams compete in several rounds which test their knowledge and ability to work together under pressure. It’s also a great deal of fun for the participants, support staff, and fans.

Recent Honors

Junior Varsity

2020 Wheat State League Runner-Up

2019 Wheat State League Champions


2020 State Appearance

2020 Regional Champions

2020 Wheat State League Champions

2019 State Appearance

2019 Regional Champions

2019 Wheat State League Runner-Up

History of the Kansas Scholars’ Bowl Program

Scholars’ bowl competition on the high school level has been in existence for a number of years in Kansas, but it was not until 1986 that members of the Kansas Association Scholars’ Bowl Coaches approached the KSHSAA Executive Board seeking recognition of their group and asking for KSHSAA sanction of state championships.

The first regional and state scholars’ bowl contests sponsored by the KSHSAA were held in the spring of 1987. Over 200 schools participated at the regional level in three classifications— 6-5A, 4-3A and 2-1A. State champions in those classifications were declared in March 1987. The KSHSAA scholars’ bowl program has grown and includes seven state championships and approximately 333 member schools that participate.