Academics-Junior High and High School (7-12)

Graduation Requirements
26 Credits are required for graduation


4 Bible (1 credit for each year of attendance at ECHS)
4 English
3 Mathematics
3 Social Science
3 Science
1 Physical Education
1 Practical Art
1 Fine Art
6 units of additional electives


Kansas Universities Qualified Admissions Curriculum (college-bound)

To guarantee admission to five* of the state’s universities (Kansas State University, Wichita State University, Fort Hays State University, Emporia State University, Pittsburg State University), a student must complete the Qualified Admissions or Kansas Scholars Curriculum with a 2.0 GPA or higher, and must meet one of the following requirements:

  • Top 1/3 of graduating class
  • Or 21 or above on ACT
  • Or 980 or above on SAT
  • Courses Needed for Entrance :

4 years English

3 years Social Science

3 years Science – At least one unit must be Chemistry or Physics

3 years Math – Algebra I or higher and 22 or above on math portion of ACT

Or 4 years Math – Algebra I or higher

*The University of Kansas has admissions criteria that differs from the Qualified Admissions standards.

Students are strongly encouraged to take a math every year in high school.

ECHS recommends (but does not require) 2 years of foreign language.

Kansas Scholarship Curriculum:

Requires the curriculum listed above for English and Social Science, with the following additional requirements: 2 years of the same Foreign Language; Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Algebra I& II, Geometry, and a 4th year of upper level Math. Algebra I taken at the 8th grade level is acceptable for the Kansas Scholars Curriculum, but not for Qualified Admissions.


Recommended Courses Offered by Grade


9th Grade
Algebra I or Geometry
Band or Geo/Computer
Study Hall
10th Grade
Geometry or Algebra II
Chemistry or Earth Science
World History
Foreign Language
Study Hall


11th Grade
Algebra II or
Pre-Calc (Dual Credit)
English or Honors English
A&P or Env. Science
US History
Foreign Language
Study Hall
12th Grade
Bible (Dual Credit)
Pre-Calc (Dual Credit) or
English or Honors English
A&P or Physics
Govt/Psych (Dual Credit)
Foreign Language
Study Hall


Spanish I and II (10-12)
Honors Physics (12)
Environmental Science (11-12)
Consumer Math (11-12)
Choir (7-12)
Journalism/Yearbook (9-12)
Art (7-12)
Band (7-12)
Anatomy and Physiology (11-12)
Psychology (11-12) – Dual Credit/Alt. Year
Human Growth and Dev. (11-12) – Dual Credit/Alt. Year